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    registered mail

  • mail that is registered by the post office when sent in order to assure safe delivery
  • Registered mail describes letters, packets or other postal documents considered valuable and need a chain of custody that provides more control than regular mail.
  • Mail for which the sender is given a numbered receipt by the post office, assigning a specific monetary value to the item being mailed for the purpose of compensation for in case of a loss.
  • Prepaid first class mail that is recorded by the post office before being sent and at each point along its route to safeguard against loss, theft, or damage

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  • Canada Post Corporation, known more simply as Canada Post (Société canadienne des postes, or simply Postes Canada), is the Canadian crown corporation which functions as the country’s primary postal operator.


  • The maintenance of a constant difference in frequency between two or more connected circuits or components
  • The alignment of the wheels of a vehicle
  • trailing: the pursuit (of a person or animal) by following tracks or marks they left behind
  • Tracking commercial aviation flights is an activity by enthusiasts or concerned citizens. Tracking is not limited to aircraft activity, it can include tracking of airport activity. Flight tracking via software is a relatively new activity.
  • (tracked) having tracks; “new snow tracked by rabbits”; “tracked vehicles”
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canada post tracking registered mail

Map of the five meets slated by Steve Prefontaine for the Finnish Tour he organized for May 1975, his last races

Map of the five meets slated by Steve Prefontaine for the Finnish Tour he organized for May 1975, his last races
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(Suomalaisia ​​ystäviä – Tiedätkö valokuvista Steve Prefontaine käynnissä Suomessa? Jos näin on, voisitteko lähettää kopiot minulle? Haluaisin laittaa valokuvia Flickr. Hän ajoi vuonna Suomessa monta kertaa, mutta en ole löytänyt mitään valokuvia näistä tapahtumista. Voit jättää kommentin alapuolella, tai lähettää viestin Haluan myös näyttää kuvia painettu ohjelmia näitä tapahtumia. Kiitos. Ole hyvä ja anteeksi huono suomalainen käännös.
The Happy Rower)

(If anyone knows of images of Pre and/or the Finns in the races below that they would like to share, especially the Burnaby and Coos Bay events, please contact me by flickrmail or via the e-mail address in my profile (leave a note in the comments below if you send an e-mail). I am also interested in background info about the Burnaby and Coos Bay meets, and in published programs for all the meets, except Modesto.)

Above is a map of the five meets slated by Steve Prefontaine for the Finnish Tour he organized for May 1975 to host Finnish athletes in appreciation for their help and support in his attending many meets in Finland to train in European style track races. Pre developed the meets at Madras and Coos Bay specifically for the Finnish tour and used three other existing meets to expand the tour to five venues: Burnaby BC, Canada (British Columbia International Track Meet (Swangard Stadium?)); Modesto CA (California Relays); and Eugene OR (NCAA Prep open meet).

The Finnish team is shown upper left with Pre and in the center row of individual photos. He shakes hands with Rune Holmen at Madras in the lower right of the left side.

The comments below are largely derived from an article by John Conrad of the Eugene Register-Guard:

The Finns arrived in Eugene Tuesday, April 29, 1975, after a 21-hour flight. Pre brought them to his home for pizza and cold beer before sending them off to sleep. When a couple who volunteered to house some of the Finns did not show, Pre bedded down the guests, threatening to send his roommates packing. The six athletes were slated to be joined three weeks later by Lasse Viren for races on May 21 and 29.

The meets set up for the Finns were slated as follows:

May 4: Finnish Tour Meet, Madras OR
May 9: Finnish Tour Meet, Coos Bay OR
May 15: Finnish Tour Meet, Burnaby BC, Canada
May 24: California Realays, Modesto, CA (a May 21st Finnish Tour Meet was originally scheduled for Seattle WA, but it was dropped from the tour)
May 29: NCAA Prep meet, Eugene OR

Pre was the originator and main promoter for this tour. He planned the tour as a cultural exchange as well as high-level track meets. He recruited talent from the U. of Oregon, Oregon State, the Oregon Track Club, and Club Northwest. Pre’s close friend and confidant, Frank Shorter from the Florida Track Club, also agreed to participate.

The Finn’s track season begins in June, so this tour was important for them in that it afforded their first outdoor track practice and competition of the year. Pre said that possibly more Finns would have come had the trip been firmed up earlier. Tuominen also said that many Finnish distance runners were reluctant to travel because their cross-country season was in progress with national championships in about a month.

Prefontaine and Tuominen had forged a relationship during Pre’s travels to Europe, with Touminen helping Pre navigate the hazards of European racing. Jaako got Pre into the European circuit and made sure Pre was paid for his appearances. In return, Pre set two American records running in Helsinki. Jaakko was Finnish team leader and promoter, but not the coach since each athlete had their own coach to plan their programs.

Jaako also introduced Pre to the sauna, leading Pre to personally build his own sauna at the home he purchased–a matter of great pride.

Pre invited the athletes from Finland to compete in the five meets in May 1975. Pre was very fond of the Finns and raced in Finland more often than any other country outside the US. These were Pre’s last meets as he died tragically the night after the final race in the series at Hayward Field, Eugene OR.

Pre wanted Jaako to send a Finnish team to compete in the northwest, using Eugene as a base. Pre organized the venues himself without AAU sanction at first. (REF: Out of Nowhere by Geoff Hollister, Meyer and Meyer Sports, 2008, pp. 109-114)

Pre hoped to lure Lasse Viren as part of the Finnish team to run the 3-mile race on May 29th with him and Frank Shorter and at an earlier May 21st meet in Seattle (that never took place), both part of the series of the Finnish Tour meets. Viren committed to the run in what was Pre’s final race on May 29th. However, he dropped out of the meet on short notice

Registered Mail

Registered Mail
Did you know that registered mail is really cheap in Taiwan? It makes sending an invoice and a DMCA NOI to a company that used one of your photos for commercial use without permission really easy. Less than $3.00 US!